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Why there is need to indulge children into yoga?

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indulge children into yoga

In today’s tech-based and fast-paced world, children often face problems that are much bigger and more complex than how it seems. Right from increasing competition in academics to societal or peer pressure to the much-recent influence and overuse of social media, there are more than enough stress-triggers in children’s lives.

While most students adapt to these stress-triggers gradually. In the longer run, constant exposure to peer or societal pressure and high-stress levels can mark negative persona on their impressionable minds. This is exactly the point of time where yoga gains significance as a great way and practice to teach them the much-needed coping mechanism.

GRD is one of the leading Schools in Ludhiana and we believe that yoga not only helps in keeping our body fit but also ensures a peaceful environment, positive persona and sound mental health.

Reasons to indulge children into yoga:

So, today, we will be providing you with some valid reasons to believe why there is need to indulge children into yoga on regular basis:

  1. It helps in managing Stress

In today’s tech-based world which is surrounded by social media, it is common to see children developing more stress-induced anxiety disorders than earlier times. As such, it takes a lot to empower children with coping mechanisms from an early age to be adaptable and well-equipped to handle whatever life throws at them, no matter in what situation.

Yoga practices involve many breathing exercises that can help children fight with stress and anxiety in a better way. It helps them curate a free mind and eventually concentrate well.

  1. It helps in Obesity Management

Obesity in the new generation is a growing concern amongst parents worldwide. A relatively sedentary lifestyle, being couch potato, over-involvement in technology and gadgets, and of course, ease to get junk food are some of the main reasons why more and more children of new generation are becoming obese these days.

Practising yoga is a holistic way to ensure control and overall development.

Another benefit of practising yoga is that children not only get the needed physical burnout, but they also learn to control their urges and this further helps them in making better lifestyle choices.

  1. Induces concentration power

Lack of concentration is an issue worldwide. Children today have more difficulties focusing on a given task, owing to distractions like computer games, social media, etc.

Such lack of focus directly hampers their academic and extra-curricular performance. But when a child indulges in yoga, practices it on a regular basis and learns to meditate, he/she definitely learns to concentrate better.

  1. It helps in maintaining discipline and control

Yoga practices have always been known to be effective for children with behavioural issues and has helped them with the importance of being in control and not making sudden and rash decisions.

Discipline and control can go a long way to create a required and bright future for the young ones, especially the new generation and helps in maintaining a positive attitude which is precisely desired everywhere on both the personal and academic front.

  1. It helps in maintaining postures

Just like obesity being an issue in the new generation, postural problems are also becoming exceedingly common in young ones. When children practice yoga regularly, it helps them maintain a healthy spine and neck posture and constantly contributes to their overall fitness.

Summing Up

When children are encouraged and advised to practice yoga from a very young age, they become more self-aware, self-reliable, relax better, build positivity, engage more often, gain confidence, and much more. For these reasons, yoga and meditation are also a part of our school curriculum and we never fail to teach them to develop an aura that should be enough positive.

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