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5 Effective Practices In Good Parenting

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Raising a happy as well as a healthy child is one of the most challenging jobs which parents have on their plates. Also, parents are the most important people in the lives of young children.

From the very day a child is born, he relies on his parents for the care that he needs in order to lead a proper and healthy life ahead.

Parenting may take different forms, but there are certain practices that work super well in majority families if done with proper sense of responsibility.

Let us discuss a few important practices in good parenting-


This is probably the most important tip that can be given to any parents. The kind of life that your child lives is all up to how you raise him/her.

In order to let your child possess the knowledge of all the good things that you want to teach him, you need time.

You need to invest time in taking care of your child, feeding him nutritiously, teaching moral values, and spending quality time.

This way, even if your child is growing or has entered teenage, there won’t be an undesired distance between the two of you. Your precious time is the best gift you can avoid your child with.


A child sees himself through his parents’ eyes. So, he starts developing a sense of self from a very early stage. What you do is absorbed by your little ones.

Appreciate your child for his accomplishments regardless of how big or small they’re, teach them the art of self-love. Make them aware about the fine line that exists between confidence and overconfidence.

Do not use harsh or disrespectful words like loaded weapons in front of your child because he is as a matter of fact going to learn that from you and won’t sound good at all if the same is done by your child.


Setting certain limits helps your child to develop a sense of self-control whereas shipping your child’s independence helps him develop a sense of self-direction.

For a successful life, your child needs both. Therefore, both must be taught to him at the right time. Your child surely deserves his own freedom but with great freedom comes great responsibility.

We are well aware how important it is to keep a check on this type of freedom because freedom is never good when given in absolute form.


The ultimate way to gain respect is to give respect to your child. Speak to your children politely, respect the opinion that they have, pay attention while they are speaking and treat them kindly.

This way, your child will develop the same habit of respecting you and everyone around which is extremely important. Be a good role model to your child as he will always look up to you for any advice whenever he is in need of one.


Take time to explain to your child as to why certain things are to be done and why others are not to be done.

Communication is the very key to prevent your relationship with your child from suffering in any manner. If you communicate and explain properly, your child won’t think of you in a judgemental way and things will happen further in a smooth way.

Also, NEVER compare your child to another one even with his/her own sibling. Children hate that. Every child is unique in his own way and has to be treated as equally lovable.


The good thing is that although parenting is hard, it is also very rewarding. So, realise your responsibilities as a parent, focus on both the physical as well as the mental health of your child so that you can live a regret free life and watch your child shine.

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