Guru Ram Dass Academy Ludhiana - An Inroduction

As one steps into Guru Ram Dass Academy Ludhiana one gets transported into the realms of a utopian educational set-up. Sprawling lush green lawns, picturesque landscape, rows of ornamental plants on either side of a long driveway and imposing structure of the school building speak volumes about the care that has gone into making the institution an aesthetic marvel.
Founded in the sacred memory of Sri Guru Ram Dass Ji on the 14th of April 1993, it is a premier educational institution of Ludhiana. Affiliated to the CBSE, it is a Senior Secondary co-educational school that offers all major streams.

Central in our traditions is the belief that education is much more than the learning of three Rs. Education for us means the communication of life experience rather than the transformation of information. At the GRD Ludhiana life is a great opportunity – each step is an experience and every endeavour is towards enriching and ennobling a student’s life through myriad experiences. The learning at the school extends much beyond the classroom confines. Every moment moulds the impressionistic minds.

Kindergarten at the GRD Ludhiana is the best bet for a beginner. Boating in the school lake, cart rides and train ride add to enhance the charm of the day…and…if this isn’t enough then they have rabbits and ducks to transport them into a world of fairyland.

Learning is a way of life in the GRD Ludhiana – it is entertainingly educative and in tune with the times.


We envisage a system of education conducive to beneficial pursuits. A system that provides the learner opportunities to explore, experiment, evolve, and stay enriched. A campus where the impressionistic minds bloom in rich and resplendent hues.


‘Investigate, Imbibe, Implement’ – is our credo. The tools that we offer our students are ‘Who, What, Why, When, Where’. These help them to think through problems. We ensure that the educatees respond to the stimuli around them.