Guru Ram Dass Ji - Our Inspiration

The Fourth Guru of Sikhs

Guru Ram Dass ji was the fourth of the ten Gurus of Sikhism
Guru Ram Dass ji is best known as the founder of the holy city of Amritsar, previously known as Ramdaspur. He founded it in 1574 on land he bought for 700 rupees from the owners of the village of Tung. The guru then designed the gurdwara Harmandir Sahib which translates as “The Abode of God”.

Guru Ram Dass ji, along with Guru Amar Das ji, is credited with various parts of the Anand and Laavan composition in Suhi mode. It is a part of the ritual of four clockwise circumambulation of the Sikh scripture by the bride and groom to solemnize the marriage in Sikh tradition.

Guru Ram Dass ji’s bani (spiritual revelations and writings) consists of 638 holy hymns, that Guru ji had composed to 30 different ragas of Indian classical music. These hymns are registered in the sacred scripture Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Through his writings, Guru Ram Dass ji shared a common message for the entire humankind, to live a disciplined life full of humility, and to be forever and ever thankful to the True Guru (God).