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Dear visitor,

Our website attempts to give a kaleidoscopic view of the life at Guru Ram Dass Academy Ludhiana. A life that is vibrant. A life that enriches. A life that ennobles. A life that colors the memories of school years in rich and varied hues. In brief, a life that celebrates childhood.

Guru Ram Dass Academy Ludhiana places its state-of-the-art infrastructure at the disposal of a broad cross-section of society – from the differently-abled and the underprivileged to the brilliant and the exceptionally fortunate.

In addition to academic excellence, the GRD Academy Ludhiana aims at offering the students a gamut of programs that hone their latent talents, broaden their perspectives on life, help them remain physically healthy, mentally alert, and ethically upright. In fact, we go much beyond transmitting knowledge, we touch lives.

The majority of our alumni stand conspicuous by their gracious presence in society as Indian Army officers, Indian Air Force pilots, Indian Revenue Service officers, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Owners of educational institutions, Hoteliers, Colonizers, Actors, and Singers in the film industry.

I am confident, the website will make you choose us as the school for your child. Repose your faith in us and witness the formative years of your child getting to be chiseled to perfection in our safe and caring hands.

With Best Wishes

Gurshminder Singh Jagpal