Annual Report

With immense pleasure, I share with you the ways in which my presence has impacted the school since I took over its reigns as Principal-and-Director on the 16th of March, 2021. Since my arrival, I have endeavoured to make each day count. Quite many aspects of the institution have been addressed, prominent among these find a mention below:

    • a) Educational information displayed at vantage points.
    • b)Chemistry, Physics and Biology labs given a face-lift.
    • c)Series of meetings with parents held to drive home the ethos of the school and show them a way forward.
    • d)Series of lessons given to teachers to help improve their English and instill professional ethics.
    • e)All teachers allocated classes as per the CBSE norms and qualifications.
    • f)Mother-teaching discarded in the Primary Wing and subject specialists assigned their duties.
    • g)Some qualified and competent teachers appointed in the Sr Sec School and Primary Wing.
    • h)A meeting with parents held to put them at ease vis-a-vis the conduct of the CBSE practicals for Class X11.
    • i)The CBSE Practicals smoothly conducted for class X11 students.
    • j)Circulars being shared on whatsapp with parents at regular intervals to keep them abreast of the schools programmes and its expectation from them.
    • k)The iron gates removed from first floor and fixed at exit and entry points near the computer lab and nursery class to ensure better ventilation and light.
    • l) The accounts office set-up changed to make it user-friendly.
    • m) A receptionist appointed and the reception layout changed.
    • n)Meeting held with the Gardeners, Security Staff, Sweepers, Attendants, Electrician, Carpenter, Drivers, Accounts officials and Bursar.
    • o)The fee structure revised, simplified and streamlined. The parents have been given considerable relief due to covid conditions by slashing the Annual Charges, substantial relief for siblings and twelve EMIs for Annusl Fee Payments.
    • p) The Gurudwara refurbished and made functional with the appointment of S Manjit Singh as Granthi. Series of ‘sehaj paaths’ shall continue through the year and a small function held each Sangraand.
    • q) The swimming pool and the Enclosure of school busses visited to have an insight into their status.
    • r)Gardeners advised on maintenance and upkeep of various lawns in rotation each day of the week.
    • s)The electrician advised to grease the fans and ascertain the maintenance of electric points.
    • t)Wing co-ordinators dicarded and subject wise Faculty Heads appointed to strengthen the faculties.
    • u)Wing co-ordinators dicarded and subject wise Faculty Heads appointed to strengthen the faculties.
    • v)Plates fixed at the entrance of each room to depict the Room Number.
    • w) Online classes and periodic tests being conducted in all religiosityr.

As a school we are waiting for normalcy to prevail and the lockdown to be lifted so that we could welcome our students back into our folds and colour their impressionistic years with hues rich and varied. A beginning has been made but there are miles to go. Each endeavour of mine is directed to further the interests of all stakeholders. God willing, together we shall soon accord Guru Ram Dass Academy Ludhiana, a place of pride among city schools


(Gurshminder Singh Jagpal)