Fee Structure 2024-25

( NUR – XII )

Admission Fee

Induction Fee Rs. 11500
Annual Fee Rs. 7500
Registration Fee Rs. 2000
Total Rs. 21000

Monthly Tuition Fee

Classes Tuition Fee
Nur-UKG Fee Rs. 2220
I to II Rs. 2270
III to V Rs. 2370
VI to VIII Rs. 2480
IX Rs. 3020
X Rs. 2920
XI to XII Rs. 3240


Distance in Km Fare
0 To 6 km Rs. 1700
7 to 12 km Rs. 1900
13 to 16km Rs. 2100
17 To 20 km Rs. 2300
The Siblings Shall receive concession as per the followings slabs :-

Admission fee

1st Sibling Rs. 21000/-
2nd Sibling Rs. 19000/-
3rd Sibling Rs. 17000/-

Annual Fee

1st Sibling Rs. 7500/-
2nd Sibling Rs. 7000/-
3rd Sibling Rs. 6500/-
Note :
a) The registration fee is non-refundable.
b) Monthly tuition fee payment schedule:-
From 1st – 10th of each month – No fine
From 11th onwards Rs. 20/- per day
c)Non- payment of tuition fee for consecutive two months shall result in the child’s name getting struck off the nominal rolls, the child will be reconsidered only against a fine of Rs 2000/-.
d) For robotics an extra Rs. 100/- shall be charged for additional facility extended to students of classes III to IX.
I ___________________________ f/o/m/o __________________________ Adm.no ______________
promise to abide by the school’s code of conduct.