Our Founders

S.Raja Singh


In August 1947 when Indians were reveling in their new found freedom, Raja Singh ( then a small boy) was rendered homeles by the partition. The hapless child, however did not let the circumstances cow him down. He started working at a vegetable shop for sustenance.

All Raja Singh had then, was a dream of bouncing back into life. He was low on cash but he had the vision to fuel his ambitions. His dynamism saw him venture into the world of electronics as a manufacturer of radios and transistors in 1956. The products received an overwhelming response in the market. This emboldened him to diversify his business and he launched TV brands by the names of Texla, Beltek and Bestavision which went on to become household names.

Raja Singh’s initial success ignited his enterprising instincts and he decided to venture into pastures anew. Taking risks is in his day’s menu. Deprived of formal schooling he resolved to establish educational institutions. His vision and commitment brought the GRD Academies at Dehradun and Ludhiana into existence.

Raja Singh is firmly rooted to the ground realities of life. A listener and learner he believes that nobody can be a visionary without being a learner first. “I listen and learn from the Principals to the Peons” he proclaims. Always open to suggestions he opines that every opinion matters. It is this easy accessibility and his ability to communicate with each individual in his organisations that makes him understand the intricacies of his ventures besides winning him the love and loyalty of his employees. He is one person who can walk with kings but not lose the common touch.

Immaculately clad in his white salwar-kameez Raja Singh considers himself a trustee of the God. As Chairman he provides food, shelter clothing and resuscitates hope in the lives of many a poor and underprivileged. One would expect such a God fearing man to be thick in rituals.” I can’t read” he confesses honestly “so I have never gone through the scriptures”. Work, for him , is worship.

For a man with no formal education Raja Singh is compelled to prove his worth through work. It is through his work that he wants to come to terms with the complications and hardships of life. Working is a therapy and it is in working that he finds satisfaction and solace.

Raja Singh’s life is a vindication of what a determined person can achieve against extraordinary odds. His goals are clear and he thrives on risks. ” There is no glory” he opines ” without guts”. Maybe you should take a tip from the man.

Born on the 27th of December, 1963, S Kawaljit Singh is a scion of Texla family and the eldest son of S Raja Singh.

He joined the family business in 1984 and soon made Sarab Sanjhi Gurbani a household name the world over. In 1985, Texla Plastics and Metals came into being, with him at the helm. The diversification continued and 1990 saw the establishment of Dark Eye, the manufacturing unit of road safety products.  His able stewardship soon transformed the punjab-centrist group into a global business.

S Kawaljit Singh is a man of rich and multifarious interests, prominent among them being hospitality industry, education and manufacturing of equipment for Defence services.

As Vice Chairman, Guru Ram Dass Academy Ludhiana he opines, “I wish to transform the school into a meritocratic and performance-driven institution.” He spearheads the GRD’S agenda of ‘making students academically successful and ethically upright.’

As promoter of Nirvana Hotel, Guru Ram Dass Academy, Ludhiana – a Senior Secondary co-educational school affiliated to the CBSE and Dark Eye, life for S Kawaljit Singh is a big opportunity and each new day a way forward. 

Kawaljit Singh

Vice Chairman
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Ashmeet Oberoi

Managing Director

In a country like ours where most of the women aren't encouraged to think big, Ashmeet is an exception who has managed to soar high in a constrictive setup.

As the Executive-Administrator, Guru Ram Dass Academy Ludhiana, she carries immense responsibility on her slender shoulders.

A city topper in Accountancy and Economics in Class X11, she is an MBA from Symbiosis.  A Master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication adds to lend further value to her academic achievements.

Ashmeet is determined to build a strong team dedicated towards taking Guru Ram Dass Academy Ludhiana to enviable heights. She believes, “Only a cohesive group with concerted endeavours, spells excellence.”
She firmly believes in investing in human resources and opines, “The school is as good as the team.” She feels that the best service one can render to students is to provide them competent and caring teachers, “Only an impassioned soul can positively impact the impressionistic minds.”

A staunch advocate of the cause of girl child and women empowerment, Ashmeet zealously crusades to safeguard their interests. She is the Head of the school’s Committee Against Sexual Harassment. A thorough teamsperson, the lady teachers confide in her. From dress code to general welfare, she is looked upto with reverence.

In Ashmeet, one sees a will to rise above challenges, inspire the workforce and impact the institution in manners myriad.