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5 Summer Friendly School Practices

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5 Summer Friendly School Practices

Schools are not the best of places to be at especially during the summer season. It is difficult to concentrate and even sit in the classes in the scorching summer heat. It becomes really vital to mitigate the heat.

Do not let the summer keep the students away from efficient learning in the classes. There are a lot of ways students can stick to it in order to fend off the heat. Not every approach will work, however, one can stick to certain practices that can provide a long term solution.

Here are the 5 summer friendly practices that could be followed at school:


The summer weather can completely make a person feel dehydrated. A dehydrated student would obviously not be able to concentrate. In this hot weather, it should be made sure that all the students have access to water. It would be even better if there is availability of cold water. They should bring in water bottles which they could sip at their desks. It is important to drink water for the students even if they are not thirsty.

Children should drink water at regular intervals in a day. If they forget the water bottle at home, they can use the water supplies at school.


Schools can consider conducting recess inside or in the basketball court if possible. The idea of outdoor recess should only be given importance if this takes place in the early morning when it is not hot at all. The students can also find some shady spots where they can rest during the recess time.

Schools can shorten the recess period on days when it is too hot. They can also be told to bring an umbrella if there is a lack of shady spots in the ground.


Air flow is really significant in hot weather. Windows can be opened to let the breeze in. Fans can be made use of if there are no air conditioners installed in the classroom. Portable fans can also be introduced to improve the circulation.

They should be placed around the circumference of the room so that everyone can get some air. Students can also switch to breezy uniforms instead of excessively tight t-shirts. This would ensure proper air circulation.


Sitting by the window during the summer season can prove to be quite a daunting task. In such a case the seating arrangements can be changed. It could be transformed such that none of the students sit in the heat prone areas of the classroom.

Sitting on the floor can be a good option too since heat rises from the floor. However, it should be made sure that the floor is carpeted. A flexible arrangement should be made so that no student experiences the intense sunlight. Turning off the lights and pulling down the blinds can also be a good alternative.


It is quite a good option if the schools have refrigerators. Schools can keep foods such as popsicles ready for the hot days. They can be given to the students after they have come from recess or after they spend a long span of time outdoors. They can be given to the students even if they are outside. High summer temperatures do not have to bother the school going children like this. By following these strategies students can focus in a much better way and enjoy the classroom sessions. These prove to be quite efficient in keeping the students cool in the summer. You can enroll yourself at GRD Academy Ludhiana.

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