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Equip your child with these 5 Classroom Safety tips

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5 Classroom Safety tips

As a parent, we all are concerned about our kids and want to be present near them all the time to ensure that they are safe and sound.

But, this is not possible every time.

We have to let our kids explore the world and venture around without us. We have to make them independent and should prepare them how to deal with situations when you are not present. 

In their formative years, the classroom is their second home as they spend a considerable time at school. This is the place where they learn to interact, grasp new things and acquire new skills – everything without your presence. 

When you are preparing your kids for their next journey in life i.e. entering the scholastic realm, there are a few things that your child should know in order to be comfortable and safe in school. 

Have a look at these 5 classroom safety tips that every child must be taught before enrolling them in any top CBSE Schools in Ludhiana

1.Make them memorize contact details

When your kid starts going to school, it’s very important to make them learn the contact details of both the parents.  The kids should be able to recall and share the numbers with the teacher or the concerned person in case of any emergency. 

Having the basic idea of home address and landmark is vital for kids to remember details. Regular practicing at home would help the kid memorize the contact details quickly.

 2.    First-aid Training

In school children spend a lot of time playing and engaging in other physical activities. Minor accidents are bound to happen. 

The children should be taught not to panic in such a situation and inform the concerned person or teacher immediately in school premises.

Even though all the top CBSE schools in Ludhiana provide the students with best health and medical facilities, the kids should also have some basic knowledge of first-aid. 

3.   Traffic Rules

When the tiny tots commute to school, they would be using vans, buses or other vehicles. It’s imperative that they should have a fair knowledge of the traffic rules and road crossing. 

It’s the responsibility of the parents to teach the kids about basic protocols to be followed while standing in queue or boarding the bus/van or any other public vehicle and other road safety rules. 

 4.   Using Electricity Safely

While the best CBSE schools in Punjab are always careful and diligent when it comes to the safety of the children, things will work the best with equal participation of the parents. 

Most of the preschools in Ludhiana are using digital mediums to teach and provide education, children must be taught how to maintain the decorum in online as well as offline class. The young learners should be made aware of the basic electricity safety norms such as not to touch the open sockets, saving electricity, etc.

   5.  Appropriate Social and COVID related Behavior

As the students are stepping away from their home, away from their parents or caregivers, it’s vital they follow appropriate social behavior. They should be acquainted with the right way to act in school.

Apart from that, as they will be attending the school post-pandemic, some basic safety measures such as usage of masks, sanitisers and right coughing/sneezing practices must be taught to every child. 

These are a few classroom safety tips that every child should follow when you hear them to step into the scholastic world. 

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